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SatoStake Token Launch

Hi George team, here’s SatoStake we are about to launch our token, having being reviewed by you guys before I would love to submit the new code once again. Needless to say, ownership will renounced just as it happened to all the projects before.
We are running this new test to try to bring regular new Defi tokens characteristics into the miner space. Each time the function (swapAndLiquify) will be fulfilled the respective amount in WBNB can be deposited into the BTC miner. It would be in the near future to turn this into a DAO

Contract address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x88265A5C4Ba1D7357c6ce4790Bfa8cD787d44bD3#code

Project Name: SATO Token
Website URL: https://satostake.tech/
Project Telegram link: https://t.me/satostakemain
Owner Telegram Link: @Sato_Extiint
Chain: BSC
Verified Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x88265A5C4Ba1D7357c6ce4790Bfa8cD787d44bD3#code
Project forked (if applicable):
Deposit fees: 5% (token buy fee)
Withdrawal fees: (10% sell fee)
Daily ROI: No roi only dividends for holders being a token
Past projects (if applicable): https://satostake.finance/
Date and time of launch in UTC: 6 PM UTC 1st of September
Audits (if any): https://georgestamp.xyz/2022/08/sato-stake/

Genesis Farm BUSD V2

Web: busdV2.thegenesisfarm.com



Ca: https://bscscan.com/address/0x13C285134e5FcCa9163C45D91889c03C63ED14b6#code

FEES: 3%/3%
Unstake fees: 20% (15 ca, 5 marketing)

Past projects, ruby mine, rothschild winery, garden elysium, genesisfarm

Launch 23rd august, 18pm utc

BNB Arianna Farm

Golden BUSD (Rev 2)

Project Name: Golden Busd
Website URL: https://goldenbusd.finance
Project Telegram link: https://t.me/goldenbusdcommunity
Owner Telegram Link: @masterjedi0 @realdeadpirate
Chain: BSC
Verified Contract Address:https://bscscan.com/address/0x25a76a49f7f8a2f17a5e8f1953a226009b4cb8e6
Project forked (if applicable): Dino Busd
Deposit fees: 2%
Withdrawal fees: 2%
Daily ROI: 5%
Past projects (if applicable): none
Date and time of launch in UTC:24 hours after the audit is completed
Audits (if any): in progress by your amazing team


Beast BNB

Watermelon BUSD

Game Block

Avarice – BNB Miner

Sato Stake

BUSD Cartel

BNB Crown


Ryker BUSD 10 in 1

BNB Moon

BNB Pools

USDT Cashflow

Diamond BUSD

BSC Genious

BNB Genesis Yield Farm

Smartlend Finance

ETH Snowball


Ryker.Vip 7 in 1 Miner

Garden Elysium

FTM Chicks


The BUSD Coffee Shop

BUSD Genesis Farm

Elk of Fortune

BNB Ultra

Rothschild Winery BUSD