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Potion Lab


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Potion Lab is a Miner type dapp that the promised yield is 7% that will depend with the BNB : Potion (Rate at start the rate is 1 Potion = 1 BNB). Investors can earn from 200% to 500% depending on the multiplier(booster).

The contract has Debuff Levels or penalties for constant withdrawal of rewards.
Excellent (0% Debuff)
Very Good (30% Debuff)
Good (40% Debuff)
Bad (50% Debuff)
Very Bad (60% Debuff)
Awful (80% Debuff)

Users would need to compound once a day to increase their buff level.
Re-catch current rewards (Potion). Up 1 Level (Once a day) or cooldown of 2 days. 1 Level up to 6 levels for excellent debuff.

Each deposit is separated from the other and will earn dividends for each and not as the total deposited amount.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC

Token : BNB (Native Token)

Dapp Type : ROI Miner style Dapp

Daily ROI Percent : 7%

Referral Percentage : 12% in total for 3 levels of referral commission.
Level 1 (7%) Direct referral
Level 2 (5%)
Level 3 (3%)
Note: A referral commission is given with the potion at the time of withdraw or compound.

Minimum Deposit : 0.01 BNB (not modifiable by owner)
Maximum Deposit : None (not modifiable by owner)

Lottery Feature:
The lottery is fully managed by the owner address. Users can join the lottery by making promotional videos or ad materials for them to qualify and win boosters/multipliers or BNB rewards which is maxed to 10 BNB.
The lottery has a cooldown of 3 days.
The maximum user multiplier can be 5 that can total 500% max profit.

Users can get an extra multiplier/Boosters in lottery or auction purchases.
Booster's price can be set by the owner.(Can be set to a very high amount which will prevent users from buying it.)
Boosters can be sold at any amount.


Since the owner has full control of the lottery, this can be a potential backdoor to the contract as the owner can create a new round every three days and only use his address in each round, the owner can withdraw 10 BNB from the contract every three days or end of lottery.

Owner Privileges

The owner has full control of the lottery and can add/remove addresses that can participate and start, draw and end the lottery.
The owner can add or remove a user from each lottery round and can add remove addresses for each round.


Deposit Fee: 6%
Withdraw Fee: 6%


The contract is complex the parameter and function naming makes it more complex to read and understand but it has the same algorithm as a standard miner.

Team Trust

The team is has an active community the owner is engaging constantly with George stamp team.

Other Risk

Considering the complexity of the contract, at the end of the day, This is still an ROI Dapp that relies on funds invested to payout existing users. if the contract reaches $0 investors will not be paid out. Do research the project before investing. Consider the backdoor potential by the owner address.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research