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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
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This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp. We did not find any vulnerability nor backdoors that would lead to stolen liquidity or any sort of malicious activity.

This is a forked contract of 10BNB. See Diff checker comparison here: https://www.diffchecker.com/fHUatqyQ

Which original static ROI decentralized application that rewards users 20% daily ROI after 10 days of time locked staking, with detailed investment, profits & returns tracking likely for the purpose of a complex application.

Contract Details

Blockchain: Polygon Chain.
Application type: ROI.
Daily ROI: 20% on 10 days plan, rewards cutoff same as plan.
Minimum deposit: 2 MATIC.
Maximum deposit: 1000 MATIC.
Referrals: 3 levels for a total13% [10%. 2%, 1%]

Referrer users must have deposited at least once to be able to be a referrer of any wallet.
Can withdraw only 10 days for a 200% ROI max.
Plans and their withdrawals are per deposit. However the contract makes it possible to reinvest on an existing deposit.


We did not find any backdoor in this smart contract that allows stealing funds or any sort of malicious activity.

Owner Privileges

sfi - modifies deposit / withdrawal fees from 0 to 10%.
umin - changes minimum amount to invest at once.
umax - changes maximum amount to invest at once.

Using umin & umax allows owner to pause deposits (not withdrawals).


Deposit fees: 5% (modifiable by owner, from 0% to 10%) to commissionWallet (deployer).
Withdrawal fees: 5% (modifiable by owner, from 0% to 10%) to commissionWallet (deployer).


This is a complex yield farm with many ways to track users' investments, returns, etc. This should make for a complete & detailed decentralized application. The smart contract appears to be a fork of an unnamed other contract, as there are many redundant verifications.

Team Trust

Team is not known and has a community of 800+ members, but the members are suspected bots.

Other Risk

This is a yield farm that relies on funds invested to payout existing users. If the contract will stop paying investors if the it reaches $0.

The daily ROI is extremely high (20%), therefore it has great financial risks & short longevity.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research