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Lucky Dex


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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
Higher score is always better


This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or others) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is an ROI miner application where the users' investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back through withdrawing investment interest also see other risks for more information about the contract.

This is a heavily modified contract with the idea taken from wealth mountain contract.

There is stake jackpot feature built within the contract. this feature will be started by the owner at launch.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BNB Native Token
Dapp Type : ROI DAPP
Daily ROI: 1% to 3.5% - depends on the staked plan.
- stake days 0 to 10 days - 1% Daily yield
- stake days 11 to 20 - 1.5% daily yield
- stake days 21 to 30 - 2% daily yield
- stake days 31 to 40 - 2.5% daily yield
- stake days 41 to 50 - 3% daily yield
- stake days 50 days above the daily yield is fixed to 3.5%
Referral Percentage : 3 Level, 3%,1%,1% (not modifiable by owner)
Referral bonuses can be staked/compounded which is considered a new deposit or withdrawn.
Minimum Deposit : 0.1 BNB (not modifiable by owner)
Unstake Fees:
- withdraw initial days 0 to 10 days - 30% Daily yield
- withdraw initial days 11 to 20 - 25% daily yield
- withdraw initial days 21 to 30 - 20% daily yield
- withdraw initial days 31 to 40 - 15% daily yield
- withdraw initial days 41 to 50 - 10% daily yield
- withdraw initial days 50 days above the daily yield is fixed to 5%
Last deposit rewards : Capped at 5 BNB The rewards can either be withdrawn or staked.

There is a separate NFT Contract which the user can buy NFTs and bind it to their stakes. Binding the nft would increase the selected stake's yield depending on it's level or stars. NFT Price is 0.1 BNB
Three stars: Daily interest rate increased by 0.3%
Four stars: Daily interest rate increased by 0.4%
Five stars:Daily interest rate increased by 0.5%


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet

Owner Privileges

launch - This starts the contract to allows users to invest, and set the nft contract address.
retrieveERC20 - The owner has the ability to get any erc20 token that will be available in the contract. since the staking farm will be using bnb, this will only be applicable for any erc20 token that will be sent in the contract.


This fee is standard:
Deposit fees: 8%
Withdraw fees: 0% since all withdraw fees from withdraw initial will stay in the contract.


This smart contract is fairly complex and has minimal flexibility by the owner, once deployed it is set.

Team Trust

Team is not known and has an inactive community. as of writing the project's group chat only has 4 members.

Other Risk

This is still an ROI contract which will stop paying investors when the contract balance reaches 0.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research