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Fat Banker


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This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp who found no backdoor code. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or others) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.
This is an ROI-style app that is a fork of the third iteration of BUSD Machine (diff can be found here - https://www.diffchecker.com/0WwqcfQC )

Investors would need to stake their BUSD to earn FATB (1.5%) token which they can re-stake to earn more FATB (2.5%) or sell for BUSD.
FATB will not have any liquidity and the only way to convert it to BUSD is through the app.

50,000 initial tokens minted to team marketing wallet
--> 15,000 allocated to influencers and their subscribers (for giveaways)
--> 10,000 allocated to content created by the community
--> 6,000 allocated to the team (2,000 each x3)
--> 5,000 allocated to competitions
--> 14,000 allocated to future use

This contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is an ROI miner application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back through withdrawing investment interest.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BUSD
Native Token : FATB(0x7d85aD272F4b63C19A6C7fe4421440f6dEa9E97c)
Total Supply: 1,000,000 FATB

DAPP Type : ROI Contract (Fork of BUSD Machine v3)
ROI Percent : 1.5% on BUSD Staked, 2.5% on FATB Staked.
Referral Percentage : 2% to the referrer (not modifiable by owner)


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet

Owner Privileges

There are no owner privileges. The contract will start at a given timestamp.

The owner is currently holding all 50,000 pre-minted tokens, none have been allocated as described on the site information.


Deposit of BUSD :10% (not modifiable by owner) - 2% of this are sent to the BUSD Machine v3.0 contract.
Deposit of FATB: 0% (not modifiable by owner)
Withdraw : 0% (not modifiable by owner)

Unused referrals will use the admin address


This smart contract is fairly complex and with little to minimal owner configuration.

Total Supply of FATB is 1,000,000
FATB Price will depend on Total BUSD Balance / Available Supply in the contract.
Circulating Supply is the amount of BUSDM tokens that are currently in wallets.
Available Supply is Total Supply - Circulating Supply of the token.
FATB staking is locked for 7 days,
Unstaking FATB : User will receive the 100% of the staked amount. and then 50% will be burned from the user's wallet.

Team Trust

Team is not known and has an inactive community

Other Risk

This is an ROI Dapp that relies on new funds being invested, In the event that the contract reaches $0 then the contract will finish and will stop paying out dividends to the investors.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research