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This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp. This is a meme token smart contract with a very high supply (1 trillion or 1,000,000,000,000) and a presale feature branded as an initial offering (or IMO as is advertized on its official website).

There is no malicious code that lets the owner (or others) steal funds from the holders.

Contract Details

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion)
Presale (or IMO - Initial Minu Offering): this is a phase intended to raise liquidity.

A 0.01% bonus is awarded when executing a transfer after not doing any transfer for at least 24 hours, from the holding contract.
1% automatic token burn on all transfers, after IMO has ended.
Burned tokens go to the holding contract that is used to fund holding rewards.
Transfers are available only to whitelisted wallets during the IMO phase. If any side of a transfer is whitelist, the transfer will pass.

This token works in pair with a second contract that is used to store tokens that are not the main token contract itself.


There is no backdoor that allows malicious acts to steal from holders in any way.

Owner Privileges

init - initialized the token smart contract and mints the total supply to the owner, to be distributed.

addtoWhitelist - adds a wallet into the whitelist.
removefromWhitelist - removes a wallet from the whitelist.

transferAnyERC20Token - transfers any token that are not CleverMinu from the contract to the owner.
transferetherAdmin - transfers BNB from the contract to the owner.
transferetherHoldingContract - transfers BNB from the holding contract to the owner.
BurnRemainingToken - burns CleverMinu tokens from inside its own contract. However the DEAD wallet address does not receive tokens (to be reflected on the totalSupply) as the addition should be done before setting the contract balance to zero. Owner is advised to send tokens to DEAD wallet manually instead of using this function to keep the supply up to date with the burned supply.

setIMOendTime - changes presale end date.
setMAXamount - changes the maximum transferred token on presale functions.

Holding contract: this is a second contract created during the deployment of CleverMinu. It is used to hold tokens and BNB, and funds holding rewards.


This token smart contract has no fee, except for a small 1% automatic burn on all transfers, which is used to fund holding rewards.


This smart contract is rather simple but complex to read, making it difficult to read for the average user to read.

This smart contract makes use of cross chain bridge contract through the IMO presale phase, where a select number of wallets can control the funds in the contract's balance, that is likely donated by the deployer.

Team Trust

The team does not have any previous known projects and its community is inactive for now.

Other Risk

This is a meme token smart contract. It is subject to high risk and high volatility, mostly because the team has full power over the initial token distribution like most token does. Users should do their own research, as always.

This smart contract makes use of cross chain bridge to handle the IMO presale phase, and bridges are known to be centralized / vulnerable. However this only affects presale and funds allocated on it.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research