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Overall Score
Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
Higher score is always better


This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code, and the owners privilege is to start the dapp, There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

If the user wishes to unstake their funds prior to ROI then they will pay a penalty fee. We have started requiring DinoBUSD forks to leave the remaining 50% penalty in the contract instead of sending it to the dev wallet (this contract now complies)

This is a DinoBUSD fork - See the diff here - https://www.diffchecker.com/2Se0HoNX

Contract Details

Chain : BNB
Token : BUSD (0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56)
Dapp Type : ROI DAPP
Daily ROI Percent : 10% (not modifiable by owner) - Up to 3x investment
Referral Percentage : 1 Level, 10% (not modifiable by owner)
Minimum Deposit : 50 BUSD (not modifiable by owner)
Maximum Deposit : 25000 BUSD (not modifiable by owner)
Reward Accumulation Cut Off : 24 hours (not modifiable by owner)
Withdraw Days : 7 days (not modifiable by owner)


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet

Owner Privileges

launch() - This allows the owner to start the dapp and allows investment


Deposit : 0% (not modifiable by owner)
Withdraw : 0% (not modifiable by owner)
Daily Claim : 10% (not modifiable by owner)
Referrals : 10% (not modifiable by owner) <-- Yes, this means they tax yo ass on withdrawing your referrals


This smart contract is fairly complex and has no flexibility by the owner, once deployed it is set.

Team Trust

Team is new and has no details of previous projects

Other Risk

Considering the complexity of the contract, at the end of the day, This is still an ROI Dapp that relies on funds invested to payout existing users. if the contract reaches $0 investors will not be paid out.

The token transfer mechanics are still a little off (can someone fix them in one of these forks!) and will transfer from the users wallet instead of the contract.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research