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BNB 2.0 Auto-Farm


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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
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This is an audit done in the final version of the smart contract in which will be the one used when the project goes live.

This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code, and the owner has good amount privileges to make modifications to the contract once published mostly disabling/enabling of added features but not the users yield functions. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This is an original contract with the same concept of an ROI Farm, with an added feature for multiple streams of income for the user.

The project also has a built in auto compound/auto withdraw feature.
user select the no of days that they want it to continuously compounding along with the required average gas fee amount along with that users will choose the percentage that will be compounded and be withdrawn. Users will need to manually start their auto-compound again once it ends.

Rewards from will be sent to the winners wallet address.

The smart contracts utilize re-entrancy guard to prevent re-entrant calls although re-entrancy wont apply to erc20.

This smart contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is a ROI miner application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back over time through withdrawing investment interest.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BNB
DAPP Type : ROI Farm style dapp, br>
Daily ROI Percent : 4%
Referral Percentage : 1 Level, 5% 2.5% for the referrer , 2.5% for the referee
Minimum Deposit : 0.2 BNB per wallet
Maximum Deposit : 20 BNB per wallet (excluding compounds)
Reward Accumulation Cut Off : 48 hours

Built In Biggest Deposit : Max of 15 BNB max rewards amount, runs every 24 hours. half will be put in the current pot, half will be for the next round (not modifiable by the owner)
5% of each deposit will be put into the pot.

Last Deposit Jackpot Rewards every 3 hours. (Reward goes to the winners wallet).

Auto Compound and auto withdraw.
The this feature will make it fully automated, users will decide what percentage of the daily yield will be for withdraw and compound with a minimum of 20% can be set for the auto compounding. see whitepaper for more details: https://www.ryker.vip/bnbautofarm


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet

Owner Privileges

ENABLE_AUTO_COMPOUND - enabled auto compound feature.
ENABLE_BIGGEST_DEPOSIT - enabled biggest deposit feature.
ENABLE_LAST_DEPOSIT_REWARD - enabled last deposit feature.
ENABLE_LOTTERY - enabled Lottery feature.
ExecuteAutoCompound - executes the auto compound for a list of address.
InitializeContract - starts the contract, this will also allow the owner to be the first investor.
setEarlyInvestorAddress - adds the addresses which will have a bonus if the address decides to invest.
updateExecutor - updates the autocompound contract for the auto compound feature.


These fees are higher than usual

Deposit fees: 6.5%
Project Wallet : 5.5%
Marketing Wallet: 1%

Withdrawal fees: 6.5%
Project Wallet : 5.5%
Marketing Wallet: 1%


The smart contract is fairly complex, and contains multiple parts, ROI Farm, lottery and top deposit, referral deposits and an external auto compound feature. This is an original contract with the same idea of an ROI Farm/Miner.

Team Trust

The team has release several past projects under ryker (ryker bnb and busd) and gameblock(gameblock miner) team. Both project owner has their respective community following.

Other Risk

This is still an ROI contract which will then stop paying investors when the contract balance reaches 0.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research