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SatoStake Token Launch


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Other Risk
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The contract is mainly a reflection token. which gives dividends to its holders from taxes when a buy an sell transaction has occurred. Part of the fee are also being converted to WBNB and will be used to feed the satostake miner contract.

Contract Details

isExcludedFromMaxTxnLimit - to check wether the address is excluded from max Holding
deliver - manual distribution to the holders
reflectionFromToken - returns the reflection amount from certain amount of sato token.
tokenFromReflection - returns the amount of token reflection
isExcludedFromFee - to check wether the address is excluded from fee
totalHolderDistribution - to check how much tokens get redistributed among holders
isExcludedFromReward -to check wether the address is excluded from reward
totalFeePerTx - view function to check total fee per transaction.
_checkMaxWalletAmount - checks the max amount a address can hold
swapAndLiquify() - sends the amount of WBNB to the Miner.


There are some owner only function that has no restrictions that can potentially stop the trading and block and address who holds the token without restriction. If the owner renounced the ownership after contract deployment/ or after launch owner functionalities will be lost and will make the contract completely immutable.

Owner Privileges

setMinTokenToSwap() set min token that can be swapped - has no restrictions can set up to any amount.
setBuyFeePercent() - set the buy fee percentage up to 10% any time.
setBuyFeePercent() - set the sell fee percentage up to 10% any time.
enableOrDisableSwapAndLiquify() -
enableOrDisableFees() - set the fee enable for each transaction.
setmarketWalletAddress() - set the miner address anytime after deployment. risks are can be set to a non contract address/ non miner address that can potentially have a different code.
includeOrExcludeFromFee - set the address to be excluded from fees. and set the address that will have a fee for transactions without restrictions.
removeStuckToken() - can remove any amount of token without restrictions

setMinBuyLimit() - set the minimum buy limit for the token without any restrictions.
setMaxBuyLimit() - set the maximum buy limit for the token without any restrictions.
includeOrExcludeFromMaxHoldLimit() exlude address from min and max limit without restrictions
setAntiBotStopEnabled() - set the anti bot feature
addSniperInList() set the addresses that will be blacklisted
removeSniperFromList() set the addresses that will be removed from the list.


Fees are disabled as of writing.

when enabled:
Buy 5%:
Miner Buy Fee: 1.5%
Liquidity Fee Buy: 1%
Reflection Fee Buy: 1.5%
Burn Fee Buy: 1%

Sell 10%:
Liquidity Fee Sell: 1%
Miner Sell Fee : 4.5%
Burn Fee Sell: 2%
Reflection Fee Sell: 2.5%


The token contract is fairly complex. the contract has an ability to directly deposit WBNB to a certain address. owner privileges and contract details for more information.

Team Trust

The team is fairly new and has a miner/ roi dapp that is already launched.

Other Risk

Using Smart Contracts, Tokens, and Cryptocurrency in general is always a risk. Do your own research. This is a token contract in which, value will depend on the buy and sell transaction of the token. When liquidity goes to 0, the dollar value of the token will be 0.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research