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Pepe in Wonderland


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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
Higher score is always better


The Pepe team switched the audited smart contract with a new one containing rug code at the last minute.

This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is a ROI miner application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back through withdrawing investment interest.

Contract Details

Chain: BSC
Token: BUSD
Minimum deposit: 10 BUSD.
Daily ROI: 3% of miners value, which is subject to inflation.
Features automatic compounding.
Compounding decreases the market price of miners by a factor of ½ of compounded value.
Referral percentage: 1 level, 10%, only on deposit.
Referral fees are directly paid to the referrer wallet.
Rewards for compounding multiple days consecutively, up to 30%.
Automated compounding compounds for 6 days and sells on the 7th day, applying 6-1 strategy automatically.
Withdraw cut-off: 48 hours.


No backdoor was found in the contract.

Owner Privileges

initialize - the owner has access to activate the project, and it is worth noting that he is also in the position of first investor, as buyQubic is triggered on this function. He may or may not enter a substantial value that would provide him with a large portion of the project.

runAutomate - the owner can run the automation, but he has no power over wallets that are automated.


Withdraw: 3% (not modifiable by owner):
- 1% to dev
- 1% to marketing
- 1% to bb
Deposit: 0% (not modifiable by owner)

1% additional tax auto compound & sell to automation wallet.
80% feedback fee on sell if wallet has not compounded for 5 mandatory consecutive days, the 80% are destroyed, not sent to another wallet, remaining 20% are subject to the same 3% tax.


The contract is a fork of Quantic Qube, see the differences here: https://www.diffchecker.com/nsYw96dK

Team Trust

The team has 1000 members in their telegram group and does not seem to be their first project.
Claims to have launched NFT projects previously that were successful.

Other Risk

This is a ROI dapp that relies on new funds being invested, if the contract reaches $0 then investors will not be paid out.

While the transfer() function of ERC20 tokens are not vulnerable to reentrancy attacks, it is preferred to use transfer() after state changes, for better development habits.

Automated compound is a nice feature, but is unadvised as Pull over Push pattern is favored: depending on the number of wallets added in the automation, it may be impossible to run the automation due to gas fee limitations. A possible solution is to use an external tool to execute one transaction per wallet, but that would require re-writing the automation. This is not a dangerous point, as wallets can exit automation on their own without risk, in the event that automation gets stuck.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research