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Ryker.Vip 7 in 1 Miner


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This is an audit done in the final version of the smart contract in which will be the one used when the project goes live.

This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code, and the owner has minimal privileges to make modifications to the contract once published. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract. Overall verdict: SAFE to INVEST but with a disclaimer that is an ROI Contract.

This is a distant fork of several projects such as BNB MINER, BNB CROPS MINER and other features from famous projects the team also did some original features such as gambling, fixed yield income and over income restrictions.

Rewards from these features are all being converted to miner which will not affect the TVL but will increase the capacity of investors to earn overtime.

The 'magic formula' has also been modified same as what was done with Crops.

The smart contract has a built in anti-bot feature that will blacklist wallets who will interact more than 2 times with the contract when it is not yet started. Those funds from will be treated as donations.

the smart contracts utilize re-entrancy guard to prevent re-entrant calls.

the has a built in auto-compound feature, user select the no of days that they want it to continuesly compounding. Selling profits restarts theirs auto-compound(user activated)

This smart contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is a ROI miner application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back over time through withdrawing investment interest.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BNB (Native BSC Token)
DAPP Type : ROI Contract

Daily ROI Percent : Initially set to 3% (not modifiable by owner)
Referral Percentage : 1 Level, 5% 2.5% goes to the referrer/2.5% goes to the referee (not modifiable by owner)
Minimum Deposit : 0.1 BNB per wallet (modifiable by owner, as low as 0.001 BNB and only as high as 0.2 BNB)
Maximum Deposit : 20 BNB per wallet (excluding compounds) (not modifiable by owner)
Daily Compound Bonus : 2% (modifiable by the owner, as low as 1% and only as high as 4%)
Mandatory Compound Count : 10 (not modifiable by owner)
Compound Timer : 12 hours (not modifiable by owner)
Early Withdrawal Penalty Tax : 80%, remains in contract (not modifiable by owner)

Fixed Daily Income: 1%, min 0.8% max 2% (modifiable by owner)

Over Income Tax :

- 80% for 400% ROI

- 70% for 350% ROI

- 60% for 300% ROI

Taxes will stay in the contract (not modifiable by owner)

Reward Accumulation Cut Off : 48 hours (not modifiable by owner)

Built In Lottery : Max 20 tickets per round for each user. Runs every 8 hours(not modifiable by the owner)

- 100 Participants max per round (modifiable by the owner up to 200)

- Rewards are converted to miners.

Built In Top Referrer : Max of 15 BNB max referral amount, runs every 24 hours. (not modifiable by the owner)

- 10% of the Max incentive bonus will be distributed to top 5 Referrers

- TOP 1 - 3%

- TOP 2 - 2.5%

- TOP 3 - 2%

- TOP 4 - 1.5%

- TOP 5 - 1%

- Rewards are converted to miners.

Build in Miner Betting : Coin flip feature - Users can bet their miners to win, rewards will depend on the odds that will be computed by the algorithm. Runs every 6 hours, with a 5% tax which will burn the miners taking them out of circulation. Maximum of 20% of the users total miners can be gambled. (not modifiable by the owner aside from enabling/disabling the feature.)


There are no backdoor methods that can withdraw funds to a non investor wallet.

Owner Privileges

startFarm - This starts the contract to allows users to invest, enables the lottery and miner betting.
transferOwnership - This changes the owner wallet address, same function to renounce.
renounceOwnership - This changes the ownership of the contract to dead address.
DEP_REQUIRED_FOR_AUTOCOMP - 0.1 to 0.3 BNB. This sets the required BNB invested by the user to use Auto-Compound Feature.
SET_LATE_INVESTOR_PERCENT - 5 to 20%. This sets the percentage that of total investors That will benefit in Late Investor Funds distribution. Can only be changed once a day.
SET_FIXED_YIELD_INCOME_PRCT - 0.8% to 2%. This sets the percentage that the investors will get for fixed income. Can only be changed once a day.

Lottery Related Owner Functions
ENABLE_LOTTERY - This enables the lottery
DISABLE_LOTTERY - This disables the lottery
SET_MAX_LOTTERY_PARTICIPANTS - min 2, max 200 . This sets the lottery participants per round
SET_MAX_LOTTERY_TICKET - min 1, max 100 . This sets the max lottery ticket per participant per round.

Flip Coin Related Owner Functions
ENABLE_FLIPCOIN - This enables the flip coin
DISABLE_FLIPCOIN - This disables the flip coin

reset() - this function calls reset the lock value to false in case of deadlocks.


These fees are higher than usual

Deposit : 7% (not modifiable by owner)
• 4% Project Wallet
• 1.5% Marketing Wallet
• 1.5% Late Investor Fund Wallet

Withdraw : 7% (not modifiable by owner)
• 4% Project Wallet
• 1.5% Marketing Wallet
• 1.5% Late Investor Fund Wallet


The smart contract for Ryker.Vip is fairly complex, and contains Multiple features (Miner, Lottery, Daily Top Referral Pool, Flip Coin, Fixed Income Reward, Late investor Rewards, Auto Compound, Auto Anti-Bot and Over Income Tax). This is a distant fork of several projects such as BNB CROPS MINER other features from other famous projects in defi. The team also developed original features for the project.

Team Trust

The contract has been developed by a new team in which was in close interaction with a trusted developer and a george stamp auditor, as per the owner the team also consulted experienced developers and project owners to ensure the safety of the contract. With no bias, the contract has been pre-audited and potential red flags has been fixed before being sent to george stamp for the official audit.

Other Risk

Notable contract risk is when the user interacts with the contract more than 2 times before the contract is started, they will be tagged as blacklisted and wont be able to get miners and withdraw.

ROI Miner Format. We already know how this works. The contract will stop paying dividends when the contract goes to 0.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research