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BUSD Genesis Farm


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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
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This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code, and the owner has no privileges to make modifications to the contract (apart from starting the contract). There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This contract is deemed SAFE for investing, with the disclaimer that this is a Static APR Yield Farm application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back through withdrawing investment interest.

This is a fork of the "Seed" projects that were recently launched (BUSD Seed, BNB Seed, etc). The investor earns income by investing (and forfeiting) their capital in order to receive 3.5% daily until the contract balance reaches $0. In addition to this method of earning, a user also gains a percentage of their 10 Level downlines capital investment AND gains a seed percentage of their 10 Levels of downlines daily withdraw yield.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BUSD (0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56)
DAPP Type : Static APR Yield Farm with 1 plan
ROI Percent : 3.5% Daily (not modifiable by owner)
Referral Percentage : 10 Level, 10% - 16% (not modifiable by owner)
Seed Income : 10 Levels, 0% - 32% (not modifiable by owner)


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet

Owner Privileges

Start DAPP - The owner is able to start the DAPP by calling the invest functions using the commissionWallet address


These fees are lower than usual

Deposit : 8% (not modifiable by owner)
• 8% Commission Wallet

Withdraw : 0% (not modifiable by owner)
Breakdown of fees:
• None


This code is a fork of an existing project, and combines a yield farm with a downline seed payment system. The code is not very complex

Team Trust

This project was initially launched under the "Genesis Farm" team, however due to an injury the Genesis Farm owner has handed over control of the full eco system to The Rothschild Winery Team.

The Rothschild Winery Team have launched several successful projects, including the popular RCW BUSD Miner with a new miner distribution model.

Other Risk


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research