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ETH Snowball


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Owner Privileges
Team Trust
Other Risk
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This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp and found no backdoor code. There is no malicious code that allows the owner (or other) to withdraw all funds from the smart contract.

This is a Miner style dapp that is a fork of Crops Farmer, including a lottery and level system have been introduced.

The miner configuration is highly flexible by the owner (See Owner Privileges).

This contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, please be aware of associated gas fees.

This contract is deemed RISKY for investing, with the disclaimer that this is a ROI miner application where the users investments cannot be withdrawn, and the user earns their funds back through withdrawing investment interest.

We have contacted the owners with our recommendations to increase their rating, and will review the contract again if they re-publish with updates

Contract Details

Chain : Ethereum
Token : ETH (Native Token)
DAPP Type : ROI Miner, with forced compounding and reward accumulation cut off. Inclusion of Lottery
Daily ROI Percent : Average 3% (modifiable by owner)
Referral Percentage : 1 Level, 5% (modifiable by owner)
Minimum Deposit : 0.01 ETH per wallet (modifiable by owner)
Maximum Deposit : 50 ETH per wallet (excluding compounds) (modifiable by owner)
Mandatory Compound Count : 6 (modifiable by owner)
Compound Timer : 1 day (modifiable by owner)
Compound Penalty Tax : 50%, remains in contract (modifiable by owner)
Reward Accumulation Cut Off : 4 days (modifiable by owner)


There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet.
There is a level system awarded by the owner that can lead to owner allocating an unfair advantage.
There is blacklist functionality that could allow the owner to blacklist all investor wallets.

Owner Privileges

throwSnowball - This starts the contract and allows users to invest. It will also do the "first buy" as the owner.

levelGift - This will increase the level of a users account.

setblacklistActive - This turns the blacklist system on and off
blacklistWallet - This will blacklist an individual wallet
blackMultipleWallets - This will blacklist multiple wallets
checkIfBlacklisted - This checks if a wallet is blacklisted

SET_EGGS_TO_HIRE_1MINERS - This sets the daily APR - Has a min of 3% and max of 12%
SET_REFERRAL_PERCENT - This sets the referral percentage paid - Has a min of 1% and a max of 10%
SET_MARKET_EGGS_DIVISOR - This sets the inflation rate - Has a max of 50.
SET_MARKET_EGGS_DIVISOR_SELL - This sets the inflation rate on sell - Has a max of 50.
SET_TAX - This sets the fee paid to the owner wallets - Has a max of 10%
SET_EXTRA_BONUS - This gives extra bonus APR to selected investors based on their level - Has a max of 50%
SET_DECREASE_TAX - This decreases the tax paid by selected investors based on their level - Has a max of 100%
SET_DAILY_COMPOUND_BONUS - Sets the bonus percent for compounding - Has a min of 1% and max of 90%
SET_DAILY_COMPOUND_BONUS_MAX_TIMES - Sets the maximum amount of bonus compounds - Has a max of 30
SET_COMPOUND_STEP - Sets the frequency that the users must compound - Has a max of 14 days
SET_WALLET_DEPOSIT_LIMIT - Sets the maximum a wallet can deposit - Has a min of 10 and max of 100 ETH
SET_COMPOUND_FOR_NO_TAX_WITHDRAWAL - Sets the amount of times a user must compound to not has withdraw tax - Has a max of 12

startLOTTERY - This starts the lottery
finishLOTTERY - This ends the lottery
SET_LOTTERY_INTERVAL - This sets the lottery frequency - Has a max of 14 days


These taxes are higher than usual

Deposit : 10% (modifiable by owner)
• 1,5% owner1 Wallet
• 8,5% marketing Wallet

Withdraw : 10% (modifiable by owner)
• 1,5% owner1 Wallet
• 8,5% marketing Wallet

There is a level system, where the owner can increase the level of an investor and they will pay less fees.


This smart contract is fairly complex and allows a lot of configurability by the owner.

Team Trust

This appears to be the first project launched by this team.

Their TG channel has almost 3000 members in it, but viewing the history these are bots / spam invitations and not actual members.

Other Risk

There is a risk that the owner uses the blacklist functionality to blacklist all investor wallets.
There is a risk that the owner awards unfair levels to investors for them to gain an advantage.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research