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This smart contract has rugged. We are investigating.

This smart contract has been reviewed by George Stamp. See details for more information.(See Backdoor)

This is a ROI style dApp that is a fork of Avarice Token.

Contract Details

Chain : BSC
Token : BUSD (0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56)
Contract Address: 0x1d610e29168d1de8b3cfbdeddec11ecb732e6f5c
DAPP Type : Avarice Fork(Which is also a fork from a famous protocol in TRON Network)
ROI Percent : Dynamic based on the total BUSD Staked, longer duration means higher payout percentage.
Referral Percentage : 5% to the referrer, 1% to the referee (not modifiable by owner)
withdrawLoanedFunds() - when user asks to withdraw loaned funds.
withdrawSoldStakeFunds() - when user wants to withdraw funds from sold stakes.

sellStakeRequest - triggers the token sell.
CancelStakeForLoan - this cancels the staking when user sell stake token.
exitLobby - day of lobby to collect
endStake - collecting stake by stake ID.

Contract has a function to mint token which goes to the marketing wallet for whenever withdrawLoanedFunds() and withdrawSoldStakeFunds() is called.


After highlighting the flushFirstDayLobbyEntry () from the previous contract the team sent, they removed it and deployed a new version. There are no backdoor methods that withdraw funds to a non investor wallet.

Owner Privileges

launch() - This will set the "launched" variable to true and start the dapp.
switchLoaningStatus() - This will pause or unpause the Loaning functionality
switchStakeSellingStatus() - This will pause or unpause the Selling functionality
do_changeMarketingAddress() - This changes the marketing_addr wallet address
renounceOwnership() - This sets the owner address to a dead address
transferOwnership() - This changes the ownership of the contract.
Owner address(time of audit) - 0x4568dcacdb5321baebb37a5f6e0d4dccf19c5ca2


These fees are lower than usual

Lobby Entry: 7% (not modifiable by owner)
• 4% busdrideTeam_addr Wallet
• 2% marketing_addr Wallet
• 1% buyBack_addr Wallet

Sold Stake Withdraw :4% (not modifiable by owner)
• 4% marketing_addr Wallet

Sold Funds Withdraw :4% (not modifiable by owner)
• 4% marketing_addr Wallet


This is not a standard miner application, users would need to enter daily auction to get their native token that you can then stake for a duration you can choose and earn dividends. Users will be able to collect their staked tokens and the dividends at the end of their stakes period.

Users receive bonus tokens on their active stakes which is highly based on the duration of their stakes. Longer the duration higher the bonus percentage.

The users main way to acquire token is thru auction lobbies, where everyday tokens will be auctioned and users can pledge BUSD and collect AVC tokens at the end of the day, the value will be proportional to their contributed BUSD amount.

The amount of tokens available for auction increases 2% everyday, the price of the token will depend on how much BUSD has been contributed on that day.

Team Trust

The project owner and George Stamp have been engaging frequently and the team has a small and active Telegram community.

This appears to be the first defi project launched by this team.

Other Risk

Considering the complexity of the contract, at the end of the day, This is still an ROI Dapp that relies on funds invested to payout existing users. if the contract reaches $0 investors will not be paid out.


This contract has been audited by a human.
Only invest what you can afford to lose.
DYOR - Do your own research